A Fall Sunset


Location: Mendon, MA

When fall colors and pink skies unite… magic is created. These photos were completely accidental, one of those right place, right time type of scenarios. Cam had just wrapped up recording his Front & Turner EP in Uxbridge and we were headed to Alicante for dinner. This place is so popular that the parking lot fills up and cars park on the side of the road. That was us… and we happened to park right next to this picturesque spot. I had “heart eyes” popping out of my head. To finish my story, we ended up not eating at Alicante for dinner, too hungry and too long of a wait – poor planning on our part. But I always love a little “his and hers fashion”:

Sarah: Madewell Hat, Old Navy Top, Cargo Vest via TJ Maxx, (similar here) Yummie Tummie leggings (obsessed with these), Sole Society Boots

Cam: Patagonia Hat, Primark Flannel (similar), Primark Jeans, Saucony Sneakers












Diabetes and Squirrels


Hello friends! I hope you had a great weekend, I know we sure did… with so many pictures to share with you this week. Our Saturday morning started with ADA’s Step Out Walk. It was the first walk/run we’ve ever done as people affected by the cause. I loved watching Cameron as he was surrounded by support – total strangers, but individuals who were empathetic and felt his pain.

It was absolutely gorgeous outside as well. The changing leaves on the Boston Common made it feel as though fall had officially started, even though September 22nd was weeks ago… One part of the Public Garden and the Boston Common that I absolutely adore are the squirrels. After being fed for so many years, they are almost too friendly, which makes them perfect for pictures. Between the support and the squirrels, we both had HUGE smiles on our faces!










My husband is officially a Vlogger (proud blogger wife here) – check out his vlog from this day here!







Thanks for reading, viewing, and watching! xoxo!

Weight Loss: Month 3 + Helping a Loved One with Type 1 Diabetes


It’s been about a month since I last posted and I know that I left you hanging regarding the big “change” in our lives. In mid- September, Cam was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Most of the time Diabetes gets a bad rep because people think “you did it to yourself” or “you must have ate really poorly to get that condition”, but the truth is Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic condition caused by an autoimmune process in the body that prevents the pancreas from producing insulin. While usually diagnosed in children, Cam is one of the few that faces late onset of this condition.

He had all the signs: drinking tons of water, often using the restroom, major weight loss, etc. We brought him in for a routine check-up and his blood sugar was very high: 392. They took his blood, completed labs, and we were sent to the ER because Cam was experiencing DKA or Diabetic Ketoacidosis. After being moved to the ICU, may insulin drips, finger pricks and 3 days in the hospital, I was able to bring him home and we started this emotional, life changing journey together. It’s much harder on him, but has affected me as well. After all, I’m the first line of defense as his wife and have definitely been ushered into the world of medicine a tad more than I would like… I can officially say that my needle phobia is slowly going away…

SO how does this affect my weight loss? Well, we don’t have a single piece of white flour, processed, refined bullshit in our house – all complex carbs! The only sweets we have are fun size packs of Skittles (reserved for Cam when he’s having a low) and Haribo gummy bears. Ezekiel Toast and Dave’s Protein Bread are officially our new favorite carbs. However, I’m only down another 2 pounds (6 pounds total now), which I attribute to less time at the gym…but I think my weight will start coming off rather quickly now with this major lifestyle change. One of my major personal frustrations has been WHERE I’ve been losing weight. The answer is primarily my legs (probably the running), which is all fine and dandy (I’m fitting into pants I haven’t worn since before my wedding), but I honestly would prefer my face, neck and arms – these are by far the areas that I’m most insecure. All I can do is ride this ride with Cam, be there for him, and together we will make healthy choices in order to live better lives

I hate to find a silver lining in a reality that is so challenging for my husband, but a healthier lifestyle is definitely it. Stay tuned as I share recipes and stories from this new chapter. xoxo!

Hello Fall…

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Hey ya’ll and hello fall “weather” (I know that the official start of fall is still a few days away). It’s been a long rough week for Cam and I as we received some life altering news which I will be sharing in due time. However, I wanted to finally share these photos from last weekend. I promised I would share my “thrifting ensemble” – a mix of comfy fall transition items aka practically pajamas. I’ve been at the hospital a lot this week and practically living in this outfit formula. My Butterfly Coach Swagger bag has been the only item making me look polished. 😉 I hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll chat soon… xoxo

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Thrifting Diaries: vol. 2

Vintage Fire King Gold Speckled Glass Serving Bowl

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $3.00

Buy it on Ebay here


Nantucket Spirit Jersey

Retail: $49 – Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $5

Buy different colors and sizes here!

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Banana Republic Leopard Cardigan

Retail: $110 – Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $4

Shop similar here

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Vintage Dress (I have big plans for this baby, stay tuned as she gets a face lift!)

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $6

Shop similar pieces here and here

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Petite Sophisticate SUPER SOFT Cropped Sweater

Found at Salvation Army in Northbridge, MA for $4

Shop similar here and here

Club Monaco Sequin Peach Tunic ( it looks like a blob in this picture, but it’s actually really cute!)

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $7

If you like this color and sequins, shop this bow (less than $3)

And…no one can ever afford this, but seriously, how amazing is this dress?

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Cutter & Buck Quarter Zip Pullover

Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $7

…and if your man likes this color and brand, there’s this shirt.

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John Horshaw for Lucky Brand Blouse

Found at Salvation Army in Northbridge, MA for $4

I also love this Lucky Blouse and this one on sale!

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! I hope you enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as I do. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as I share my outfit for this thrifting excursion. xoxo!