Hello Fall…

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Hey ya’ll and hello fall “weather” (I know that the official start of fall is still a few days away). It’s been a long rough week for Cam and I as we received some life altering news which I will be sharing in due time. However, I wanted to finally share these photos from last weekend. I promised I would share my “thrifting ensemble” – a mix of comfy fall transition items aka practically pajamas. I’ve been at the hospital a lot this week and practically living in this outfit formula. My Butterfly Coach Swagger bag has been the only item making me look polished. 😉 I hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll chat soon… xoxo

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Thrifting Diaries: vol. 2

Vintage Fire King Gold Speckled Glass Serving Bowl

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $3.00

Buy it on Ebay here


Nantucket Spirit Jersey

Retail: $49 – Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $5

Buy different colors and sizes here!

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Banana Republic Leopard Cardigan

Retail: $110 – Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $4

Shop similar here

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Vintage Dress (I have big plans for this baby, stay tuned as she gets a face lift!)

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $6

Shop similar pieces here and here

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Petite Sophisticate SUPER SOFT Cropped Sweater

Found at Salvation Army in Northbridge, MA for $4

Shop similar here and here

Club Monaco Sequin Peach Tunic ( it looks like a blob in this picture, but it’s actually really cute!)

Found at Savers in Woonsocket, RI for $7

If you like this color and sequins, shop this bow (less than $3)

And…no one can ever afford this, but seriously, how amazing is this dress?

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Cutter & Buck Quarter Zip Pullover

Found at Salvation Army in Woonsocket, RI for $7

…and if your man likes this color and brand, there’s this shirt.

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John Horshaw for Lucky Brand Blouse

Found at Salvation Army in Northbridge, MA for $4

I also love this Lucky Blouse and this one on sale!

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! I hope you enjoy the thrill of the hunt as much as I do. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as I share my outfit for this thrifting excursion. xoxo!

Weight Loss: Month 2


Wow friends. I lost a whole half a pound last month and not pleased. The month of August started with a trip to Newport (mentioned here), followed by a trip to Alabama, and ending with a staycation here in Boston. I was chatting with my mom and I already know my downfall… vacations and socializing. If I step outside of my healthy little Monday – Thursday routine, I really struggle with healthy options. Even with portion control in Newport, working out for Bojangles in Alabama, and sweating every single day leading up to our staycation with friends and family… I was only able to maintain the 3.5 pounds I lost in July and lose another 0.5 a pound, totaling 4 pounds so far on this journey. I have to step up my game!

So, what am I doing to make a major dent in my weight loss during September? I’m cutting way back on my “non-water” beverages. I’m a sucker for chai teas, hot chocolate, wine – aka sugar, sugar sugar! I found a place in Quincy called Coffee Break Cafe that makes an amazing Iced Chai Latte with almond milk, so when I do partake in a treat it’s a little bit better. I’m also wearing athleisure as much as possible (see above) since I HAVE to work out if I put it on. It’s not just for looks people. 😉 I’m currently crushing on these sneakers, these leggings (I purchased a similar pair), and this sports bra (on sale!).

Thanks for following along! As you can probably tell, I’ll be posting these “weight loss posts” on a monthly basis. The weekly posts started to feel extremely repetitive. I always aim for my blog to have a mix of content and didn’t want the subject of weight loss to take over. Until next time – xoxo!

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Beers, Breakfast Tacos & Boats


Last night we had a spontaneous evening of drinks and dinner on our family boat named Becalm. My parents bought this 33 foot Nonsuch when I was in 2nd grade. Almost 20 years later… she’s still one of my favorite spots to perch myself and watch the sunset; a sunset made better by Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here before) and last minute breakfast tacos. This taco recipe is perfect when you want something quick and healthy and don’t have much in the house. For 4 small servings: scramble 6 eggs, throw in an onion, throw in some jalapeños, garlic and spices… mix together.. serve on corn tortillas. Yum!

DSC_0599This hottie found these total prepster shorts at Primark for $7. Good job babe.


DSC_0615I picked up this red, wicker picnic basket at an antique store in Uxbridge, MA this past weekend. I had no clue when I was going to use it, but figured for $12… it would look cute near our entryway. However, it’s already coming in handy and oh so stylish next to Becalm.


DSC_0619My mom has the best plates on the boat {insert all the heart eyes}.








Snapshots Aboard the Odyssey


Happy Saturday friends! A week from today we’ll be hosting Cam’s mother and her friend for Labor Day weekend. We always try to plan fun events for our out-of-town guests and as we discussed what we should do… I realized I never shared these photos with you. A few weeks ago, Cam and I were invited on an Odyssey Cruise around the Boston Harbor. Even with the rain, we had a fabulous time with Anthony (The Next Gentleman), Shea, and Kara (The Bostonista). We made a seagull friend, saw a rainbow, and Cam wore my Papa’s vintage shirt. The salmon and short ribs were delicious (not your average cruise food) and it took all my willpower to stay away from the dessert bar… I may have snuck one treat. 😉 Now the only question is whether we take our guests on The Spirit or The Odyssey? Either way, a harbor cruise should be on any Bostonians bucket list.